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Hullo. My name's Tess. I like television. No wait, I love television. Movies and books are great too. I'm a biologist, kind of? I ship tv people. I live on slash, in that oh, I hope someone will write this because I can't seem to way. But I keep trying, so hopefully I'll get better. I like to bum around in PSP9, and I'm teaching myself web design. I have Short Fandom Attention Span Syndrome, that is, my tendency is to eat, breathe and sleep Grimm on Monday and by Thursday I'm knee-deep in Alpha Flight. The fandoms currently swirling in my head are Primeval, Law & Order: Trial by Jury (no, really) and Uncharted. Check back next week for something new!

I'm a little quiet. I mostly just talk to myself. About television, movies, comics, fic and writing (I love blathering on about the process of writing...), anything, really. Feel free to chime in. Comments are always greatly appreciated.

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